• Florian Dietzler

UPC takes significant step forward – judges announced

Last week, the UPC Administrative Committee published the list of the judges appointed to the Court.

The list is the result of an extensive selection process and names a total of 85 judges. These include 34 legally qualified judges possessing the qualifications to hold judicial offices in a Contracting Member State and 51 technically qualified judges having proven expertise in a specific field of technology as well as proven knowledge of civil law and patent litigation procedure.

Of all the Contracting Member States, Germany is the most strongly represented on the list with a total of 28 German judges including 12 legal and 16 technical judges. Among the German legal judges are well-known names such as Klaus Grabinski, currently judge at the Federal Court of Justice, and Ulrike Voß, currently presiding judge at Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court. Of the German technical judges, about two-thirds are patent attorneys, mainly from law firms but also from industry, and one-third are judges at the Federal Patent Court.

Together with the list of judges, the composition of the UPC’s Presidium has been announced. The Court will be led by Klaus Grabinski (DE) as President of the Court of Appeal and Florence Butin (FR) as President of the Court of First Instance. Two judges of the Court of Appeal, Rian Kalden (NL) and Ingeborg Simonsson (SE), as well as three judges of the Court of First Instance, Ronny Thomas (DE), Peter Tochtermann (DE) and Camille Lignieres (FR), complete the Presidium.

The full list of appointed judges is available here.

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