Legal counselling

With us, you can always count on good advice. We’ll represent and defend your interests, and will also advise you in all manner of complex issues regarding your intellectual property rights. These include, for example, questions on competition law, copyright or IT law. And we will also be your competent counsel in all other aspects concerning intellectual property rights.

We’ll advise you on the issue of competition law

Fair business practices in the market are a prerequisite for our economy to work. In competition law, such practices are governed by legal regulation. It serves to protect competitors, consumers, and other market participants. We’ll advise and represent you—in and out of court. For example, if it's about the enforcement of claims arising from the supplementary protection of related rights under competition law, the unauthorized exploitation of trade secrets, issues regarding fairness or the legality of advertising measures.

Copyright: your questions, our answers

Anyone who draws up artistic work is considered the originator according to the law. The artistic work can also include company logos, slogans or pictures that companies use for their own purposes. Even computer programs may be protected by copyright if they have artistic quality. In contrast to intellectual property rights, copyright protection is automatically given in such cases through the creative performance itself and—according to the German Copyright Act (UrhG)—ends 70 years after the death of the originator. We offer our services in all questions relating to copyright and related rights (such as ancillary copyright and media law): from comprehensive legal advice to expert evaluations.

Our consultation services in the area of IT law

In our information society, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to protect themselves in the area of IT law. We’ll support you—for example through the creation, revision, and negotiation of contracts (e.g. IT system, hosting, software license or maintenance contracts) or compliance guidelines. We’ll be pleased to advise you as competently and comprehensively as usual in all areas of IT. Furthermore, we’ll also stand up for you in IT-contractual disputes and represent your interests in court.

CFUpdate - Valuable, secret, protected

On the handling of information under the new Trade Secrets Act

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