Profitable growth through innovation: our IP consulting

Significantly more potential than you think lies in patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs. As long as these IP rights specifically protect what makes your business profitable and what your customers are willing to pay a higher price for, your IP portfolio is more valuable than before.

IP rights: the essentials


A patent protects a technical invention. As IP rights and prohibitive rights, patents secure a geographically restricted monopoly for patent holders with the option of licensing for a period of up to 20 years.


Trademarks are mainly used to indicate the origin of a company’s goods and services and at the same time to distinguish them from the offerings of competitors. The marks eligible for protection include words, letters, numbers, images, colors, holograms, multimedia marks, or sounds, as well as combinations of these elements.


A registered design or utility model is an industrial property right that gives you, as the owner, the exclusive right to use an aesthetic appearance for a product. Such products may be industrially or manually manufactured products, such as clothing, furniture, vehicles, fabrics, objects and machines of all kinds, or graphic symbols such as logos.

Our expertise

We’ll support you with the development, registration, and pursuit of your intellectual property rights (IP). Moreover, we’ll advise you strategically on the systematic set-up, management, and maintenance of a patent portfolio, the design of IP management for your operation, and due-diligence processes. We’ll represent you in all matters relating to intellectual property rights and associated areas of law before courts and authorities. This includes defending and enforcing your intellectual property right.

Legal expertise

Technical expertise

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