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We are delighted to present our ideas for your IP rights here. In addition to the current rulings, our free advisory series CFUpdate and CFCompact are available for you to download. If you would prefer a physical copy of our documents rather than reading them on a screen, please e-mail us at and we’ll send you the brochures by post.

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What’s happening in the world of innovation? What developments is the COHAUSZ & FLORACK team involved with? And which rulings will influence the legal practice of tomorrow? We’ll keep you informed! 

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Daidalos: Discover the world of ideas!

At we present to you the ideas that are driving society forward today – including everything from technical marvels to practical everyday inventions. And we also present the clever minds behind these ideas: innovative German companies and their inventors.

Whether fire or photography, steam engine or jet plane – the history of mankind is filled with ingenious ideas that help to improve our living conditions. To this day, we know that such innovations create value and are a driving force of our society. We would like to make this valuable influence of innovations known to a broad public and thus strengthen the image of inventors in Germany (unfortunately, Daidalos is currently only available in German).

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CFUpdate: Valuable, secret, protected: On the handling of information under the new Trade Secrets Act

On 21 March 2019, the German Bundestag passed a new law to better protect secret information and to ensure uniform protection throughout the EU. However, in order for companies to receive comprehensive protection for their trade secrets, they must also protect them better than before under the GeschGehG, i.e. take appropriate protective measures.

CFUpdate: Intellectual property rights in Germany

In a globalized economy, where companies share their services and goods across continents – does anyone actually need special knowledge of German property rights? Absolutely! Because for intellectual property (IP) rights, as in other areas of law, the principle of territoriality applies. Every state grants sovereign rights within its own territory and determines the limits thereof. For IP rights this concerns temporary exclusion rights that are limited to the territory of the state and prohibit the use of the protected subject-matter without the permission of the owner.

CFUpdate - Intellectual property rights at trade fairs

This guide serves to help you find out more about how you can already protect the intellectual property (IP) of your company in the time leading up to a trade fair. You will also be shown what to do if during a trade fair you notice that a competitor has infringed your IP rights.

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Find out about the latest IP developments and the key publications and keep an eye on your own IP rights! We’ll give you practical tools to make your daily work easier.

Individual patent monitoring with CFProfile

Find out about the latest IP developments and the key publications and keep an eye on your own IP rights! We’ll give you practical tools to make your daily work easier.

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Would you like to have more time for your actual work and to download patent specifications easily and quickly? Then CFDocs is just the thing for you. CFDocs gets you the document you’re looking for in next to no time and opens it in the browser or PDF viewer as you wish.


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Cohausz & Florack (C&F) is a law firm founded in 1954 comprising 36 patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law as well as about 110 employees with offices in Duesseldorf and Munich. The multidisciplinary law firm supports its clients in all matters relating to IP and unfair competition. This includes the drafting and filing, administration and licensing of extensive IP portfolios, searches for third-party IP and the associated Freedom-to-Operate expert opinions as well as cooperation agreements. C&F also represents its clients in proceedings concerning the infringement and validity of IP rights.

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