Land of poets, thinkers and ideas

Whether coffee filters or cables, motorbikes or MP3 formats: many innovations have propelled industry and our society a huge step forward – and many of them come from Germany. So it’s no wonder that great importance is attached to protecting intellectual property here.

Germany: land of innovations

According to the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020, Germany is the most innovative country in the world.
It scored highly in the areas of value-added manufacturing, high-tech density, and patent activity.
The conditions for enforcing IP rights in Germany are therefore excellent.

Efficient and established: the German IP system

Germany is the most important location for patent proceedings in Europe. Cases of international importance almost always take place in Germany at the very least. For good reason: respect for and the active enforcement of patents have a long tradition in Germany. German court proceedings are less expensive and often shorter than those in other countries. In addition, their outcome is relatively predictable.

Unique feature of German proceedings: bifurcation

In Germany, different courts decide on the validity of a patent and patent infringement in separate proceedings.

This “bifurcation” of the German IP system has established itself over the methods used in other countries. The principle ultimately states that the user of the patent must prove potential errors in the granting of the patent. The advantages have been shown in practice, especially for the holders of IP rights: fast and inexpensive proceedings, effective sanctions, and thus greater chances of a quick settlement.

Tradition meets enthusiasm: our expertise as a German law firm

COHAUSZ & FLORACK is a pivotal player in the success story of “IP made in Germany”. In the course of our 70-year history, we have contributed to establishing Germany as the legal venue for national and international patent proceedings.

We have successfully represented the legal interests of our clients, who include well-known corporations from all major industrial nations as well as innovative SMEs, in countless proceedings before the courts. As a law firm we also invest a great deal in the training of our young patent attorneys and in the professional development of our IP experts, all of whom can prove their technical expertise with at least a master’s degree in a technical or scientific field. In this way, we use our resources to make sure that Germany holds onto its excellent position for IP in terms of expertise and personnel.

Germany as a strong court location

You’ll find that Germany offers the ideal conditions to enforce your IP rights. Many crucial rulings have already been passed here. Would you like a few examples?