One firm, many faces

At our firm you will meet specialists from an array of disciplines and a wide variety of personalities. We work on an interdisciplinary, international basis and are 100% dedicated to you and the protection of your intellectual property.

Our firm

Fighting for your property rights: our firm

We employ a team of over 100 staff in our law firm located in Düsseldorf. Our mission: to protect your ideas. All patent attorneys and attorneys at COHAUSZ & FLORACK are specialists in intellectual property rights, competition and copyright law as well as the associated areas of law. 

We are also well versed in all technical and scientific disciplines, and are therefore perfectly aware of the high value of your ideas. We’d be happy to advise you in all questions regarding the handling of your intellectual property. Our clients include national and international corporations as well as innovative SMEs. We support them in the design, application, tracking, and management of their intellectual property portfolios and represent them in contractual matters and litigation proceedings in courts and public offices. We also provide our advisory capacities in corporate and business matters concerning property rights - often over decades.

We promote innovation and knowledge

Whether refrigerator or Currywurst, airbag or smart card: every invention begins with a brilliant idea. We need such ideas in order to ensure that our economy continues to grow. And we need the means to protect them. 

The intellectual property rights in Germany provide the ideal conditions. Companies that patent the products of their ideas can thus ensure that no one will devalue them through imitation. They can then benefit from the fruits of their inventions for a long time — either through their own business or in the form of royalties. The principle of intellectual property rights also has a motivational effect on the actual inventors, the employees of a company, as they are given a particular incentive to innovate through separate compensation under employee invention law.

So it is certainly worthwhile to invest in ideas. Among other things, our entire German economy is built up on that. And we at COHAUSZ & FLORACK are convinced: good ideas have to be protected. That is what we are committed to. And we’d be happy to give you that commitment too!

Why we love intellectual property rights

Brands or machines are always the result of a creative process - the result of research, development, tinkering, and testing. We at COHAUSZ & FLORACK are committed to ensuring that it is worth the work - and we do so with utmost zeal.

Because, we love property rights. They stand for the uniqueness and personality of the products they protect. They emphasize the value they deserve. And they let companies shine and stand up to the competition. Now you can focus on your ideas - and trust us to take care of the rest. We’ll find an appropriate strategy to protect them and to make the most of them. You create - we protect.

Our strengths: experience and expertise

Anyone who deals with a matter for more than 60 years really knows a lot about it. And we can safely say that applies to us! Since 1954 we have been supporting national and international clients in dealing with extensive patent and trademark portfolios: from application and management to prosecution, enforcement, and defense.

“How can I secure my advantage in technology and design?” “How can I increase the value of my brand or my company?” We are your reliable partner in these and other strategic questions too. We provide answers and advice - while always thinking a step further ahead. In that way, our clients can use their intellectual property to their best possible own advantage with the greatest possible freedom of action. What else sets us apart? In addition to the decades of experience and expertise, it is also the interdisciplinary way of working. At COHAUSZ & FLORACK patent attorneys and attorneys work together to provide pragmatic solutions while taking into account both the demands of technology as well as legislation. Moreover, we can fall back on a network of attorneys, who - if need be - can spring into action all over the world for us and our clients.

How we became what we are: our history

COHAUSZ & FLORACK came into being in 1954. It was in this year that the patent attorneys Werner Cohausz and Wilhelm Florack founded the firm. The first clients were companies in the steel industry, and in the areas of railway, automotive, agricultural machinery, and textile machinery. 

In the 70s and 80s electrical engineering and chemistry were added as important pillars, followed by the areas of life sciences, biotechnology, and telecommunications in the 90s. Since 1997, patent attorneys and attorneys have been associated with COHAUSZ & FLORACK. Since 2014, we have been operating as a limited liability partnership company. We’re looking forward to taking our next steps into the future. Are you coming with us?

Our growth

Within only a few years, the team of our law firm has grown by more than 20 percent. Today we are a team of about 140 people - all of them strong personalities, who we believe in supporting and promoting. 

Whether our attorneys, our team in administration or our junior staff: We are committed to their training and continued education with all our heart. Because, we wish to continue growing together with them. We opened a further office in Munich at the beginning of 2017. A strategically important step: This is where the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) as well as the European Patent Office (EPO) are located. And the Bavarian state capital is also of great importance as a place of jurisdiction. Ideal conditions that will enable us to advise and take care of our clients from Munich too.

Fully dedicated: our CSR activities

Property rights are our passion and mission. We are committed to always giving our best on behalf of our clients. At the same time, we - as a company - are also aware of our social and environmental responsibility, and are thus involved in numerous projects. 

And that’s good: for society and the environment - but also for ourselves and our employees, who can thus relate even more to our goals and values. What really distinguishes us as a responsible firm? For example, the fact that our Düsseldorf office is supplied with green electricity, and that our firm’s building fulfils the Gold sustainability standard of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). And the fact that we generally do not talk all that much about our commitment, but rather do one thing in particular: act.

Top Locations for IP:
Our Offices

Our headquarters at Bleichstraße, Düsseldorf is located in the city center at Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz – surrounded by an interesting urban ensemble of the Schauspielhaus (a theater), Hofgarten (a large park), and the architecture of the Kö-Bogen II, the latter of which, with its living roof and sloping walls, is the largest green façade in Europe. Where our office building stands today was home to the family villa of Franz Schwarz, a Düsseldorf iron foundry owner, in the 20th century. The stately building, which was damaged in the Second World War, renovated and remodeled several times, had to make way for a new building at the end of the 1960s. At the beginning of the new millennium, the architects Döring, Dahmen and Joeressen built the “Metropolitan”, a modern, timeless structure that C&F calls home.

Our Munich office can also be found in a central location in the Old Town-Lehel district. Our premises are part of the listed “House Blum” built by master stonemason Heinrich Blum in 1857. A characteristic feature of the building is the three-part façade featuring light ashlar and red brickwork. It was built in the so-called “Maximilian” style, a type of architecture with a neo-Gothic influence popular in Bavaria in the mid-19th century, during the reign of King Maximilian II.

Whether in our Munich branch or at our Düsseldorf headquarters, we are delighted to welcome our clients to either of our offices in their historical yet modern surroundings.

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