Peace of mind

Whether in trademark searches or patent monitoring, disputes or applications: with our legal expertise, we keep your complete IP portfolio firmly in our sights, supporting you in cementing your market position

We know the law

Intellectual property rights are a complex area — but also provide a host of opportunities for innovative companies. All patent attorneys and attorneys at COHAUSZ & FLORACK possess considerable expertise in this area and will show you the measures that make best sense for your business.


Companies that are able to protect their inventions can secure important competitive advantages. Find out more about the property rights that might suit you!


We’ll support you in infringement proceedings in court, in opposition or revocation proceedings or at arbitration tribunals. Furthermore, we’ll show you exactly what to do when counterfeits of your products come into circulation.

Validity proceedings

We stand up for you if your intellectual property rights are attacked or if you want to challenge the validity of someone else‘s property right.


Prior to the registration of intellectual property rights and also while maintaining your existing portfolio, you should keep a good eye on the market. In that way, you can stay on the safe side and effectively prevent risks.

Employee inventions

Do you have innovative employees? We’ll develop processes with which you can use and secure the valuable ideas of your employees.

Patent and trademark monitoring

The competition never sleeps and whoever launches new products on the market will be under constant observation by the competition. In order to prevent allegations of infringement, innovative companies can systematically monitor existing patents, trademarks and designs.

Fee monitoring

Your intellectual property rights are a valuable asset. A loss of rights can therefore have serious economic consequences. We prevent this by carefully monitoring the annual fees due.

Legal counselling

You’re competent in your own line of business. And when it comes to legally protecting the activities of your company, you’ve got us! We’ll represent your interests and advise you in all manner of complex issues in connection with your intellectual property rights.

IP strategies

We always take a holistic approach and will support you in successfully positioning yourself and your intellectual property rights in the market as an innovative company.

China Desk

Are you and your company active in China and do you plan to also protect your ideas outside the People's Republic – for example in Europe – and to enforce your rights there? Or the other way around: Are you a European company and wish to pursue your property rights strategy in an emerging country like China? Then we should get to know each other!

UPC advice

How can patent protection be extended and enforced throughout the EU in the future in a way that makes sense? We’ll tell you all about the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the possibilities offered by the unitary patent.