Patent and trademark monitoring

The competition never sleeps and whoever launches new products on the market is under constant observation by the competition. To prevent accusations of infringement of IP rights and sales bans for your products which may result from these, innovative companies can benefit from a systematic monitoring of patents, trademarks, and designs already existing. This way, they can also stay informed about the activities of the competition, vary their products accordingly, and hold their ground in the market in the long term.

For targeted patent monitoring, we recommend our personal database, CFProfile. Information on newly published patent applications, patents, and utility models is compiled here on a regular basis, keeping you up to date on the activities of your competitors as well as any potential new market entrants. If recognized in time, this can have an impact on your choice of an alternative development direction. We also provide comprehensive support in trademark monitoring. Here, too, we use effective tools and search engines to help avoid confusion with existing brands. If the results of our research show a need for action, we quickly initiate the appropriate measures.

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