IP strategies

Significantly more potential than you think lies in patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs. As long as these IP rights specifically protect what makes your business profitable and what your customers are willing to pay a higher price for, your IP portfolio is more valuable than before. Our unique selling point as an IP law firm is the following: We link the initial disclosure of an invention, patent application with your economic added value—and we already do so in the design phase of the new product before a patent has even been filed. We determine exactly what has to be done in this phase, so that you can achieve your competitive advantage.

3D printing, smart appliances, smart home, autonomous driving, energy efficiency, battery technology, system operations, XaaS: These and other industry 4.0 developments and the digital transformation show that the markets of tomorrow are already in the process of getting protected today. The products of the future unite cross-sectional technologies and, for example, also include machines, sensors, software, customer data, and raw materials. This interplay between various components opens up new potential for companies, which can be protected on the basis of the technical characteristics—provided that they were derived from the economic added value beforehand (e.g. from the value creation process or the product benefit). We support you in tackling this challenging task: Already in the design phase of your innovations, we analytically derive their potential and their possible scope of protection. Thus, we can ensure at an early stage that your ideas are optimally protected and their market exclusivity is guaranteed.

We’ll support you in developing an IP strategy: We’ll analytically derive the potential and possible scope of protection of your innovations already in the initial phases of development. We‘ll do this, for example, in the context of a status quo analysis and by asking the following questions: How is your company positioned? Who are your competitors? And which one of them might possibly hinder the protection of your own products? With the appropriate measures, we can ensure that your innovations remain protected and your market exclusivity secured. We provide you with targeted solutions – and not only a property right.

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