Stay inventive

We’ll advise you strategically on the systematic set-up, management, and maintenance of a patent portfolio, the design of intellectual property rights management for your operation, and due-diligence processes.

We’ll represent you in all matters relating to industrial property rights and associated areas of law before courts and authorities. This includes defending and enforcing your intellectual property rights.

Is your innovation at all patentable? Are there any intellectual property rights that stand in the way of your development? And are your existing property rights actually legally valid? We will also support you when it comes to such issues, for example through research, assessments and freedom-to-operate analyses. And we will check whether your intellectual property rights possibly collide with third-party rights or might even be infringed by third parties. Moreover, we will prepare reports on whether your property rights might possibly also affect essential technologies, without which other companies would have no access to the market.

If you reach special R&D, demarcation or licensing agreements with competitors, we will support you with the relevant contractual issues. And should these or other issues lead to a dispute with the other party, you can also count on us. We’ll advise and represent you – in alternative dispute settlement procedures (e.g. in arbitration courts) too.

We know the law

Intellectual property rights are a complex area — but also provide a host of opportunities for innovative companies. All patent attorneys and attorneys at COHAUSZ & FLORACK possess considerable expertise in this area and will show you the measures that make best sense for your business.

It’s the technology that counts

As certified engineers, physicists or chemists, all patent attorneys at COHAUSZ & FLORACK have a thorough understanding of their respective specialist fields. But not only that. They combine their technical scientific expertise with exceptional patent know-how – the ideal combination in order to support our clients effectively.