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China’s powers of innovation are vast: Chinese companies know to impress through their inventiveness and high quality in a wide variety of technical disciplines. Are you and your company among them? Are you planning to protect your ideas outside the People's Republic—for example in Europe—andto enforce your rights there? Then we should get to know each other! Our patent attorneys and attorneys have ample experience in the Chinese market and are familiar with the challenges you will face when developing your innovation strategy. We understand your business model and will find out how you can establish it successfully abroad. This is where in Europe and particularly in Germany you will be dealing with a highly efficient system, which promotesthe registration of property rights. Our staff have extensive knowledge of Chinese and would be happy to advise you in your own language with regard to your individual concerns. For this purpose, we have set up a separate hotline: Call +49(0)211-90490-888 to speak to your personal contact at short notice. We won’t shy away from any effort—or intercontinental flight—to ensure a direct link.

Are you a European company and wish to pursue your property rights strategy in an emerging country like China? That’s a good idea, because the patent sector in China is blooming. The country is showing more and more that it takes seriously and promotes the protection of intellectual property rights. The success rate of foreign patent applicants in the "Middle Kingdom" is roughly 95 percent. We will help you to gain a foothold with your innovations in the Chinese market and effectively enforce your rights there.


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