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Rebekka Schiffer


2010 年成为合伙人

Bleichstrasse 14
D-40211 Duesseldorf

Phone +49 211 90490-0
Fax +49 211 90490-49



Rebekka Schiffer 在德国和国外学习法律,是杜塞尔多夫知识产权法学位课程的首批毕业生。 在法律实习期间,她为 COHAUSZ&FLORACK 和一家总部位于英国的律师事务所的知识产权小组工作。

2005 年成为 COHAUSZ&FLORACK 律师,专注于商标和外观设计法以及广告法和竞争法。 她为国内和国际企业客户提供知识产权组合的全球管理。 包括在客户生成商标、商标审批情况查询、制定商标和设计战略以及品牌产品市场推广及主张客户利益期间提供法律咨询和服务。 她从事的领域包括与商标、品牌、设计和广告有关的所有法律事务。 尤其是考虑到品牌产品贸易的全球化,她经常参加国际商标会议,如 INTA 和 MARQUES,并与 COHAUSZ&FLORACK 国内外同仁不断交换意见和信息,了解最新的版权和商标问题。

作为德国律师,Rebekka Schiffer 主要在德国的地区法院和地区高级法院、联邦专利法​​院、欧盟普通法院(EGC)、欧盟法院(CJEU)以及德国专利商标局(DPMA)、欧盟知识产权局(EUIPO)和世界知识产权组织(WIPO)为客户代理案件。

Schiffer 女士会讲德语和英语。

현재 추천된 곳

  • Best Lawyers 2025
  • Leaders League 2024
  • WIPR Germany Trademark Rankings 2024 says:
    “Ms. Schiffer is always business oriented and focused on efficiency and high-grade advice”
    “Mrs Rebekka Schiffer is very committed and competent”
  • WTR 1000 2024
    „very agile and solutions oriented“
  • Who's Who Legal Germany 2024 (Trademarks)
  • JUVE Handbuch 2023
  • Best Lawyers 2024
  • Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders - Germany - Trademarks 2023
  • Leaders League 2023
    (...) recommended for trademark prosecution and litigation (…)
  • WTR 1000 2023
    "Schiffer is a portfolio management ace (…)"
  • Who's Who Legal Germany 2023 (Trademarks)
  • WTR 1000 2022
  • Best Lawyers 2023
  • Who's Who Legal Germany 2022 (Trademarks)
    Rebekka Schiffer is widely regarded as "one of the best lawyers for IP matters" as a result of her "vast knowledge of trademark law and customer-oriented approach".
  • WTR 1000 2021
    "From the creation of sophisticated brand strategies to the defence of her clients' rights before every venue you can think of, Rebekka Schiffer has mastered it all. Reliable and practical, her all-encompassing trademark practice sees her manage matters across the entire continent."
  • Leaders League 2021
    Highly recommended for trademark prosecution
  • Best Lawyers 2022
  • WTR 1000 2021
    "The main draw from a trademark perspective (...), a reliable professional who always offers practical solutions and approaches."
  • Who's Who Legal Germany – Trademarks 2021
    "Rebekka Schiffer attracts praise as 'one of the best in the IP field' for her extensive expertise advising clients on trademark creation."
  • Who's Who Legal Germany – Trademarks 2020
  • Best Lawyers 2021
  • WTR 1000 2020
    "She never returns work late, even if it causes her to work well beyond normal working hours. She provides an assessment of practical risk rather than a purely legal verdict, which is very helpful. She is one of the most trustworthy trademark attorneys in Europe, let alone Germany.
  • Who's Who Legal Germany – Trademarks 2019
  • WTR 1000 2019
  • Who's Who Legal Germany – Trademarks 2018
    "(…) impresses international clients with the way that she “always takes timescales and budget in account when putting together communications and recommended actions”. She is highly regarded for being “trustworthy and professional at all times"."
  • WTR 1000 2018
  • JUVE 2017/2018
    "(...) sachl. u. mandantennahe Beratung (...)"
  • Who’s Who Legal Trademarks 2017
  • Who's Who Legal Germany – Trademarks 2017
  • Who’s Who Legal Trademarks 2016
  • Who's Who Legal Germany – Trademarks 2016