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In our publication series CFUpdate we deal with current issues in the field of intellectual property. The series continues constantly. Our previous CFUpdates you can download for free here.

Legal Challenges in Industry 4.0 Collecting and Using Data

The effects of Industry 4.0 - Who can predict them? In particular the question whether these new technologies will be disruptive, i.e. will oust existing ones, cannot yet be answered. But what we at COHAUSZ & FLORACK can provide is guidance concerning the legal risks in the age of Industry 4.0 that might restrict you as a company, and insights into the opportunities that you should take advantage of.

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Software protection in Germany: How to secure your ideas

Today, software can be found in almost all areas of our daily life: in smartphones or in cars, at the doctor’s surgery or in the office. In 2014 alone, software sales in Germany amounted to more EUR 19 billion. In order to succeed in an industry that is so competitive, companies should certainly consider how they can protect their products and services from imitation. Software-related inventions for which computers or similar programmable appliances are necessary (so-called “computer-implemented inventions”), can often be protected through property rights. Similarly to the software that they protect, these property rights are intangible – and therefore sometimes difficult to understand. On the following pages, we explain to you
what protection strategies are suited for different types of software.

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CFUpdate: Intellectual property rights at trade fairs

It‘s fair time – time to show your customers and industry partners how your company has developed in the last few months. The ideas it has pushed forward. And what innovations have emerged from those ideas. Exciting days lie ahead of you — days in which you can make new contacts and feel confident that your team’s effort was well worth it. In addition, you also have the opportunity to bring new inspiration to your own business. This may come from other exhibitors or even from your potential competitors. So a trade fair is a large market of possibilities, a true platform for ideas – but therefore it is also a platform for counterfeiting. This guide serves to help you find out more about how you can already protect the intellectual property (IP) of your company in the time leading up to a trade fair. You will also be shown what to do if during a trade fair you notice that a competitor has infringed your IP rights. In the event that you yourself are accused of having infringed someone else’s IP rights, the following pages will also give you useful tips. This brochure gives you the necessary tools to provide effective security for yourself and your company‘ s IP rights.

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CFUpdate: Intellectual property rights in Germany - Success strategies for your business

In a globalized economy, where companies share their services and goods across continents – does anyone actually need special knowledge of German property rights? Absolutely! Because for intellectual property (IP) rights, as in other areas of law, the principle of territoriality applies. Every state grants sovereign rights within its own territory and determines the limits thereof. For IP rights this concerns temporary exclusion rights that are limited to the territory of the state and prohibit the use of the protected subjectmatter without the permission of the owner.

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Cohausz & Florack (C&F) is a law firm founded in 1954 comprising 28 patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law as well as about 100 employees with offices in Duesseldorf and Muenich. The multidisciplinary law firm supports its clients in all matters relating to IP and unfair competition. This includes the drafting and filing, administration and licensing of extensive IP portfolios, searches for third-party IP and the associated Freedom-to-Operate expert opinions as well as cooperation agreements. C&F also represents its clients in proceedings concerning the infringement and validity of IP rights.

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