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自然科学博士(USA) Arwed Burrichter



Bleichstrasse 14
D-40211 Duesseldorf

Phone +49 211 90490-0
Fax +49 211 90490-49



Dr. Arwed Burrichterはボンとロサンゼルス大学で化学専攻。 1997年、ノーベル賞受賞者であるロサンゼルスの南カリフォルニア大学George A. Olah教授の下で炭化水素化学分野の「オニウムイオンの陽子移行反応活性化」に対する博士号(Ph.D)が授与された。

Arwed BurrichterはCOHAUSZ & FLORACK、デュッセルドルフ上級地方裁判所、ミュンヘンの特許庁で知的財産法と民法の研修を受ける。 2000年にドイツの弁理士、また2002年には欧州特許弁護士としての資格を得る。 弁理士研修終了後、ニューヨーク所在の法律事務所に数カ月間勤務し、米国の特許法と商標法について経験を積む。

Dr. Burrichterは2000年COHAUSZ & FLORACKに参加。 知的財産法関連の全分野におけるドイツ国内外のクライアント代理人を務める。 化学&ライフサイエンス、製薬化学、高分子化学、生化学が主な活動分野。 また、意匠と実用新案保護、商標ポートフォリオ取り扱いの専門家でもある。

Dr. Burrichterはドイツ語、英語、フランス語を話す。


  • Best Lawyers 2025
  • IAM Patent 1000 2024
    “(…) brings a deep understanding of the chemistry and life sciences industries, which he draws on to deliver advice that is legally sound as well as commercially aware.”
  • Leaders League 2024
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2024
  • Chambers Europe 2024
    "He has a very broad strategic view and a lot of experience in front of the authorities. He can assess well which arguments are most likely to promise success." "Arwed Burrichter has a great wealth of experience."
  • Chambers Global 2024
  • Legal 500 Deutschland 2024
  • JUVE Patent 2023
    “straightforward and accurate”, (competitor)
  • Best Lawyers 2024
  • IAM Patent 1000 2023
    “Arwed Burrichter has a deep knowledge of his clients’ businesses. His advice is grounded in a trusting relationship and a good understanding of their business objectives and expectations. He is a good communicator, a smart arguer and efficient in patent prosecution and oppositions. He has a remarkable aptitude for managing large and complex files.”
  • Patent Star 2023 (IP Stars)
  • Leaders League 2023
    (...) highly recommended for patent prosecution (…)
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2023
    "Outstanding patent attorney, judicial strategies and excellent detailed knowledge, is excellent at understanding the client and  his needs."
  • Chambers Europe 2023
  • Chambers Global 2023
  • Legal 500 Deutschland 2023
    "Herausragender Patentanwalt, gerichtliche Strategien und exzellente Detailkenntnis, kann sich hervorragend in den Mandanten und seine Bedürfnisse eindenken."
  • IAM Global Leaders 2023
  • Wiwo TOP-Anwalt 2022
  • JUVE Patent 2022
    “extensive insider knowledge on dealing with the German Patent Office and Federal Patent Court”, “a real authority and seasoned litigator”, (competitors)
  • IAM Patent 1000 2022
    "Organic chemistry PhD Arwed Burrichter has all the skills needed to handle complex patent issues within the pharmaceutical field. Drawing on a deep playbook of attack and defencce strategies, he has notched up numerous wins in high-profile EPO oppositions recently."
  • Best Lawyers 2023
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2022
  • Chambers Europe 2022
  • Chambers Global 2022
    "He is a very capable team leader and he competently takes on this role."
  • Legal 500 Deutschland 2022
  • IAM Global Leaders 2022
  • JUVE Handbuch 2021/2022
    "highly experienced and knowledgeable. You always feel like you’re in the very best hands” (competitor)
  • IAM Patent 1000 2021
    "Dr Burrichter’s capacity for advocating and devising effective winning strategies makes him one of the most sought-after chemistry patent counsel in Germany. He has been consistently recognised in JUVE’s patent category as one of Germany’s most frequently recommended patent attorneys for chemistry-relatedmatters."
  • Leaders League 2021
    Excellent in patent prosecution
  • Best Lawyers 2022
  • The LEGAL 500 EMEA 2021
  • Chambers Europe 2021
    “One client states: ‘He has excellent technical skills and is very easy to work with.’”
  • Chambers Global 2021
    “Besides his litigation and EPO opposition work, Arwed maintains an extensive patent prosecution docket for his clients. His extensive international experience makes Arwed a sought after advisor for important strategic decisions in European patent prosecution and litigation matters.”
  • The LEGAL 500 Deutschland 2021
  • JUVE Handbuch 2020/2021
    Führender Berater unter Patentanwälten ("fachlich eine Instanz", Wettbewerber)
  • IAM Patent 1000 2020
    “Arwed Burrichter has cultivated a sterling reputation among leading international chemistry and life sciences entities as a complex problem-solver. He employs an interdisciplinary scheme of thinking tanks to years of experience in patent litigation, nullity and opposition proceedings and intangible asset management."
  • IAM Global Leaders 2020
  • Best Lawyers 2020
  • The LEGAL 500 EMEA 2020
  • Chambers Global 2020
  • The LEGAL 500 Deutschland 2020
  • IAM Global Leaders 2020
  • JUVE Handbuch 2019/2020
    Führender Name unter Patentanwälten
  • Wirtschaftswoche Ranking Patentanwälte 2019
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2019
    (... )“among the best for chemicals in Germany”, “a strategic thinker with the ability to thoroughly immerse himself in the technical details” (...)
  • Best Lawyers 2020
  • Chambers Europe und Chambers Global 2019
    Leaders in their Field
  • JUVE Handbuch 2018/2019
    Führender Name unter Patentanwälten
  • Chambers Europe und Chambers Global 2018
    Leaders in their Field
  • The LEGAL 500 Deutschland 2018
  • Wirtschaftswoche Top Anwälte, 2018
  • Expert Guides 2018
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2018
    "(...) On the non-contentious side of the practice, Arwed A Burrichter is a diligent portfolio builder who files with finesse and treats every patron as if they were his only one. (...)"
  • Best Lawyers 2018
  • Wirtschaftswoche 2018
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2017
    "(...) has notable expertise in supplementary protection certificate (SPC) issues. With five years of scientific and professional experience in the United States – including a stint at what at the time was one of New York’s leading boutiques – he has a complete command of the country’s legal system."
  • JUVE Handbuch 2017/2018 
    Führender Name unter Patentanwälten
  • The LEGAL 500 2017
  • JUVE Handbuch 2016/2017
    Führender Name unter Patentanwälten
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2016
    "(...) he has a flair for pan-European portfolio management. (...)"
  • The LEGAL 500 2016
  • JUVE Handbuch 2015/2016 
    Führender Name unter Patentanwälten
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2015
    "(...) does a sterling job for clients in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. (...)"