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How arbitration procedures benefit more from IT

New ICC Commission report “Information Technology in International Arbitration” released

Düsseldorf, May 5, 2017 – A fundamentally revised edition of a 2004 report published by the Commission on Arbitration and ADR of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC, Paris) provides information about the efficient use of IT in international arbitration procedures.

The ICC's first report on this subject appeared back in 2004. Since then, IT has evolved rapidly. The new publication of the ICC under the title “Information Technology in International Arbitration” addresses current developments and demonstrates in detail how they can be used in arbitration procedures. This is where email and further electronic forms of communication, but also other means such as cloud-based storage and synchronization of information, presentation tools, and virtual conference techniques play a role. In addition, the report focuses on sensitive issues such as cyber and data security and gives readers practical tips on the safe use of IT.

“IT can – as long as it is used sensibly – contribute toward saving time and money as well as making litigation procedures substantially more efficient. This is an important prerequisite in making arbitration procedures more attractive for those involved,” says attorney Erik Schäfer, Partner at Cohausz & Florack and Co-Chairman of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR. Together with his US colleague, David Wilson, Mr. Schäfer is responsible for the 2004 report as well as the current version.

The ICC report “Information Technology in International Arbitration” can be downloaded from the ICC website.