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Creative Ideas Instead of Brazen Copies

Infamous award “Plagiarius”: advocating fairness and protection of intellectual property rights

Düsseldorf, March 1, 2018 – Innovative companies often suffer high economic losses and damage to their image as a result of plagiarism and counterfeiting of their products. According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Ernst & Young in 2015, the damage caused to German companies alone is estimated to be around 56 billion euros per year. As stated by the EU Commission, the EU customs authorities seized more than 40 million infringing products worth more than 650 million euros at the EU's external borders in 2015 – an increase of 15 percent compared to 2014.

The association Plagiarius wants to draw attention to this problem: On February 9, 2018, it presented the infamous Plagiarius award for the 42nd time at the Frankfurt consumer goods fair Ambiente. It is awarded every year to manufacturers and dealers who, from the jury's point of view, have brought particularly brazen plagiarisms and counterfeit products onto the market. The 1st to 3rd prizes were awarded to the following counterfeit products: 

  • Kitchen cutting device Nicer Dicer Plus (original: Genius; counterfeit product: Pingyang County Leyi Gift Co.)
  • Inflatable water park Wibit Sports Park XL (original: Wibit Sports GmbH; counterfeit product: Sunny Kingdom)
  • Sliding car Puky Racer (original: Puky; counterfeit product: Xingtai Kurbao Toys Co.).

The Plagiarius award does not indicate whether a counterfeit product is permitted in the legal sense, since in principle, in Germany and many other countries, the freedom of imitation applies. “This is where intellectual property rights are an effective way for companies to protect themselves from damage,” says Andreas Thielmann, patent attorney and partner at Cohausz & Florack. “For those who have invested a lot of time, money, know-how and creativity, the theft of their intellectual property is a bitter setback.” Thielmann also points out the macroeconomic consequences of counterfeit products, such as the slowdown in innovation and, in particular, the security risks for consumers associated with counterfeit products, which are often of low quality.

1st prize - Kitchen cutting device Nicer Dicer Plus „Nicer Dicer Plus“
left: original, right: plagiarism
Picture credits: Aktion Plagiarius e.V.


2nd Prize - Inflatable Water Park “Wibit Sports Park XL”
left: original, right: plagiarism
Picture credits: Aktion Plagiarius e.V.

3rd Prize„PUKY Racer“
left: original, right: plagiarism
Picture credits: Aktion Plagiarius e.V.