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ICC IP Roadmap 2020 published

International Intellectual Property Guide under the leadership of C&F

Düsseldorf, December 16, 2020 – The 14th edition of the International Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) Intellectual Property (IP) Roadmap has been published. The publication is dedicated to the most important issues surrounding intellectual property. Along with topics such as artificial intelligence and product piracy, it examines how IP can act as a catalyst for sustainable development. In addition, the Roadmap addresses and explores current challenges of innovation-driven industries in connection with COVID-19.

The guide is aimed at decision-makers in politics and business. Companies of all sizes receive valuable information on the benefits of IP rights and appropriate strategies for deriving maximum benefit from innovations in a highly competitive environment.

The IP Roadmap 2020 brings together the knowledge of over 100 IP experts from around the world. Executive coordinator and chair of the project was Mathias Karlhuber, patent attorney and partner at Cohausz & Florack (C&F). "The world is changing at a rapid pace, and with it also the conditions for innovation and creativity. Today, companies are challenged more than ever to assert themselves in the market with their IP strategies. The current edition of the IP Roadmap makes an important contribution to the understanding of the different market mechanisms and to the worldwide protection of intellectual property," says Karlhuber.

The IP Roadmap is one of the most important publications of the ICC's Intellectual Property Commission and has been updated at regular intervals since 2000. The latest edition will soon be translated into several languages. The English version is available on the ICC website under this link.


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