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Huawei acquires license from MPEG LA

Licensing confirms Düsseldorf's leading role in patent infringement proceedings

Düsseldorf, February 20, 2019 – Huawei has acquired a license for the AVC/H.264 program from the US company MPEG LA with worldwide effect (see

The subject of patent infringement suits before the Düsseldorf Regional Court that preceded the license was the currently dominant digital video coding standard AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10), which is used in mobile phones and other products for playback by standard video portals. Huawei had provided mobile phones with AVC technology in Germany, among other places, without having acquired any licenses.

"Huawei had so far not acquired any AVC licenses from MPEG LA. The fact that, as a consequence of the proceedings conducted exclusively in Germany, group and worldwide licensing has now been agreed shows how important Düsseldorf is as a center of patent jurisdiction on an international level," says patent attorney Gottfried Schüll of Cohausz & Florack. He represented the plaintiff companies before the Düsseldorf Regional Court together with Axel Verhauwen of the law firm Krieger Mes Graf v. der Groeben.