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France Brevets and Samsung conclude license agreement

Repeatedly successful marketing of NFC patent portfolio

Düsseldorf, 03 June 2016 – The French investment fund France Brevets has granted the electronics provider Samsung important patent licenses for the use of NFC technology. The companies agreed on a contract, according to which Samsung is permitted to use NFC patents for contactless data transmission over a very short distance in its products.

The NFC licensing programme, which France Brevets markets together with its partner NFC Technology LLC, includes patents by the companies Inside Secure and Orange. The licenses for Samsung are the result of a settlement between the parties, for which the German proceedings were one of the decisive factors. Apart from Samsung, LG (2014) and Sony (2016) have already purchased licenses from the portfolio. “The NFC patents protect important, highly developed technologies, from which other important market participants can now also profit, for example when paying by mobile phone“, explains Gottfried Schüll of Cohausz & Florack (C&F), who represents France Brevets.

The patents purchased by France Brevets protect high-quality innovations resulting from private – in particular medium-sized – and public technology research. The company's strategy is to arrange these patents into a portfolio and to grant licenses to international companies. In doing so, France Brevets acts completely in accordance with patent law: It is committed to ensuring that inventors draw a reasonable return on their research investment.