25.10.2018 / Gottfried Schüll

SEPs in German courts: implications of the largest joint development processes ever

Present days are seeing the largest joint development processes ever, and the incentives to make use of these joint developments without intellectual or financial contribution are extraordinary.


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Einheitliche Patentgericht (UPC) 12.04.2016 / Dr. Arwed Burrichter, Dr. Natalie Kirchhofer, Dr. Tobias Hoheisel

Proposed structure of the Unified Patent Court

The proposed Unified Patent Court (UPC) has long attracted the attention of both enthusiasts and critics. Whatever your opinion of the new system, now is the time to get acquainted with it: preparations for the UPC are in their final stages and legislators and organisational committees are working hard to ensure that the long-anticipated new system is fully operational by by Spring 2017 at the latest.

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