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Andreas Thielmann


1993 年成为合伙人

Bleichstraße 14
D-40211 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 211 90490-0
Fax +49 211 90490-49


作为 COHAUSZ & FLORACK 的专利律师和合伙人,Andreas Thielmann 为德国和国外公司提供咨询服务,尤其是通用机械工程和采矿技术领域的咨询。 他主要处理包装技术、陶瓷和耐火材料以及环境和工艺工程方面的问题。 他为客户提供知识产权所有领域的咨询,特别是技术产权和商标咨询。 凭借多年的经验和专业知识,Andreas Thielmann 还为本公司培训年轻专利律师提供支持。 此外,他还加入了各种国际知识产权组织,是卡尔斯鲁厄联邦最高法院 (BGH) 专利律师事务评议会的名誉法官。

Andreas Thielmann 在亚琛工业大学学习采矿并在一家采矿研究所工作多年后,开始了他的专利律师生涯。 他于 1993 年成为 COHAUSZ & FLORACK 的合伙人。 他用德语和英语为客户提供咨询服务。

Current recommendations

  • IAM Patent 1000 2020
    IAM says: "Andreas Thielmann is at the pinnacle of the attorney profession in Germany when it comes to mechanical engineering. Committed to the highest standards of quality, he plays a vital role for his clients as an advisor and to colleagues in his firm as a mentor."
  • IAM Global Leaders 2020
  • Best Lawyers 2020
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2019
    "(...) boasts vast experience in patents, gained working in industry, private practice and the German PTO in Munich; his mechanical engineering nous is much admired within the field."
  • Best Lawyers 2020
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2018
    “(...) extremely experienced professional who plays a significant role in IP committees and is hands-on with his clients (...)”
  • IAM Patent 1000, 2017
    “(...) is a really experienced professional who is fully committed to clients and notably active for international IP organisations, (...)”