• Florian Dietzler

Major steps towards setting up of the UPC

Following its inaugural meeting in February 2022, the UPC’s Administrative Committee has now held its second meeting.

At the July 8, 2022 meeting, which took place largely onsite in Luxembourg, the Administrative Committee confirmed the setting up of the local and regional division of the Court, thus responding to requests by the Contracting Member States at the inaugural meeting. The confirmed divisions also include Germany’s four local divisions in Mannheim, Munich, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf.

An important step has also been taken with regard to the legal framework: the Administrative Committee adopted the UPC’s Rules of Procedure as well as its Table of Fees, both of which will enter into force on September 1, 2022.

Finally, yet importantly, the Advisory Committee, having interviewed candidate judges for the Court over the past few months, presented a list of the most suitable candidates to the Administrative Committee. This list is expected to be adopted in the near future before the summer break.

Due to these significant steps forward, the UPC can reasonably be expected to become operational in early 2023.