/ Mathias Karlhuber & Dr. Natalie Kirchhofer

Aufzeichnung CFWebinar: EPO Case Law Update 2020

Aufzeichnung vom 11. November 2020

Wanting to stay abreast of recent case law developments at the EPO? This webinar will provide you with an overview of the most important case law developments and discuss a selection of noteworthy decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal and the Enlarged Board of Appeal that were decided in the past year.

In this webinar we will discuss
- Pending referrals before the Enlarged BoA (G 4/19 re double patenting and G 1/19 re computer implemented inventions)
- Cases decided by the Enlarged Board of Appeal in 2019 and 2020: G 3/19, G 2/19 and G 1/18
- our selection of noteworthy BoA decisions from 2019 and 2020 dealing with both procedural but also material issues (e.g., priority, added matter, sufficiency of disclosure, novelty and inventive step)
- A preview on first case law developments under the new RPBA (see dedicated CFWebinar below)

Why you should attend
Please join us for this informative webinar, which will put a spotlight on some of the most important EPO case law updates in 2019/2020 and will allow you to discuss these with patent attorneys particularly experienced in EPO opposition and appeal proceedings.

Mathias Karlhuber, Patent Attorney and Partner at COHAUSZ & FLORACK
Dr. Natalie Kirchhofer, Patent Attorney and Partner at COHAUSZ & FLORACK


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